PURE is a single-glazed single-glazed wall system using glass panes with a thickness of 10 mm or 12 mm and minimal system profiles with a depth of only 22 mm and a height of 25 mm.  PURE is a system designed for the arrangement of very light, transparent glass bodies in which the minimum amount of aluminum and almost invisible seals create an impression of 100% translucency. The maximum height of the walls constructed in this system is 3000 mm.




PURE LOFT - munting bar system (horizontal and vertical muntins) with narrow profiles, 22 mm thick, in which the maximum wall height is 3000 mm. Attracts attention thanks to its simple and modern design. Thanks to its easy assembly and availability at an attractive price, it gives you excellent opportunities to optimize office space.




SILENCE - For everyone expecting higher acoustics from the walls, at the same time wishing to maintain full transparency of the walls, the SILENCE silent system was designed.  This solution is characterized by high acoustic insulation achieved through the use of double glazing, where each of the glass panels, depending on the client's needs in terms of insulation against noise. Depending on the height of the walls, we have two types of profiles - 78 mm deep aluminum construction for walls designed up to a height of 2800 mm, having a profile with a height of 25 mm.




SILENCE LOFT - muntin bar system (horizontal and vertical muntins) with 78 mm thick aluminum structure, with vertical profile masks, which can have a maximum of 3600 mm in height.  The system has high sound insulation (Rw of up to 47 dB in accordance with ITB Warsaw research results).  Modularity, uncomplicated assembly system and a low price of this system make it an attractive solution for clients planning to divide office space.




ULTRA SILENCE is a double-glazed system with the highest acoustic insulation properties among bar-less walls available on the market.

With the use of profiles with a depth of 100 mm, glass with an increased acoustic insulation and a large space between glass panes (about 70 mm), the system ensures high sound insulation at an Rw of 47dB (documented by research at the ITB Warsaw facility). The maximum achievable wall height in this system is 3200 mm.




ULTRA SILENCE LOFT - double-glazed munting bar system (horizontal and vertical muntins) with 100 mm thick profiles, with very high acoustic parameters of Rw 47dB (documented by tests at the ITB Warsaw). Installation in this system can reach a maximum height of 3600 mm.  Perfect for building high floors.