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Empathy for office interiors


Can everyday life between wall partitions in an open space be consistent with our nature? Are there options that help us feel good in a given interior? CreoConcept provides solutions for office spaces, ensuring the best amenities and work comfort.

Artificial light, air conditioning and a lot of cold materials, such as aluminum, glass and concrete, are unnatural elements with surround us daily. How to bring warmth to this otherwise cold interior space? CreoConcept has come up with ways to turn this cold discomfort into a warm embrace.
Dividing offices with glass walls is a consequence of open space. This arrangement trend was born in 1906. Architect Frank Lloyd Wright argued that open spaces build relationships between employees and also influence their creativity. However, this method of space development has its drawbacks. Not everyone accepts the incessant ringing phones, the rustle of documents or the distracting conversations of team members.


For a year now, we have been observing major changes in office work caused by the pandemic. The analysts' forecasts are clear - hybrid work, i.e. one that combines the possibilities of remote work with stationary work, will stay with us forever. Subsequent studies show that we need direct contact with colleagues and therefore open spaces adapt to the new times. How to arrange such a place to increase its functionality and guarantee the comfort of work? One of the perfect solutions are mobile walls, which we have had the opportunity to use in many projects. They allow us to freely form and adapt the office space to our needs, and thus to adapt it acoustically. It is definitely a solution that will become a trend in the coming years. CreoConcept's offer includes glass walls in a single-glazed and double-rail system that have been certified by the Building Research Institute.

Scandinavian closeness to nature

Scandinavian projects by Alvar Alto are a pioneering example of how closely you can bring people closer to nature in public facilities. It is also the direction that inspires CreoConcept. In the company's projects you can find a surprising amount of wood, which is found on ceilings and as wall claddings, but also in furniture. Glass walls in relation to wood look much friendlier. They also look good in the vicinity of green walls in the spirit of Biophilic Design. Closeness to nature, in turn, has a positive effect on space users.


Club atmosphere of office interiors
Atmospheric, dimmed light, industrial ceilings, velor sofas, copper accessories, graphic decorations on black walls - such arrangements can be found in the best office buildings, and the interiors delight people who come for meetings. Such arrangements are perfectly complemented by our mullion walls in the LOFT system, which create an industrial character of the interior. Strips dividing the pane of glass in combination with concrete, brick, steel or impressive wallpaper create a unique atmosphere. As a result, the boundaries between work space and relaxation space become blurred.

Haptic elements

Haptic is an extremely important aspect in today's digital world. Through constant contact with digital devices, we forget about what gives us the sense of matter - touch. Conscious design takes this direction into account, appropriately selecting textures for our interiors. The degree of hardness is extremely important.


Color temperature of light

When building comfort at work, the color temperature of light is also important. The highest productivity is observed in well-lit rooms, preferably when it is daylight. Thanks to the extraordinary transparency of the glass used in CreoConcept walls, users can enjoy access to natural light. Such solutions have a positive effect on the aesthetics of the rooms, and also help to optimize the costs of artificial lighting.

The meaning of colors in interiors

In the projects that CreoConcept co-creates, accompanying walls, you can see comfortable armchairs, bold fabrics, floral, colorful wallpapers - this is a trend derived from the Italian style of office arrangements of the 1960s. Patterns and colors, so often used in interiors from that period, are energetic, with their vitality, they attract the recipient who forgets that he or she is in the workplace. The combination of functional values with modern design, trends and various styles of office interior finishes is the inspiration for CreoConcept.