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Privacy Policy


  1. The protection of the Users' personal data is of the utmost importance for the Owner of this website. It makes a great effort to ensure that the Users feel safe providing their personal data when they use the website.
  2. The User is a natural person, a legal person or an organisational unit without legal personality, to which legal capacity is granted by law, using the electronic services available on the website.
  3. This privacy policy explains the principles and scope of the processing of the User's personal data, the User's rights, and the responsibilities of the data controller. It also informs about the use of cookies.
  4. AThe controller uses state-of-the-art technical measures and organisational solutions to ensure a high level of protection of the personal data processed and to prevent unauthorised access.


The Personal Data Controller is CreoConcept sp. z o. o. Sp. Komandytowa with its registered office at ul. Karola Olszewskiego 19C, entered into the Register of Entrepreneurs kept by the District Court in Kielce, 10th Commercial Division, under KRS [National Court Register] no.: 0000620691, NIP [Tax Identification Number]: 959-197-28-91 (hereinafter referred to as the "Owner").


  1. The Data Controller processes the User's personal data for the following purposes:

The personal data collected by the Service Provider will only be processed for the purpose for which it was provided, in a manner consistent with the scope of the permission granted by the User and on the basis and within the limits of the law. The User has the right to access and correct his or her personal data as well as the right to lodge a written request to stop the processing of his or her personal data. The Customer may correct his or her Personal Data by contacting the Website staff either by post or by email.

The User may also agree to receive information on news and special offers, as a result of which the data controller will also process personal data for the purposes of sending commercial information about, e.g., new products or services, special offers or sales to the User.

  1. Personal data are also processed for the purposes of complying with the legal obligations to which the data controller is subject and performing tasks in the public interest, e.g., tasks related to security and defence or the storage of tax documentation.
  2. Personal data may also be processed for the purposes of securing and asserting claims or providing protection against the User's or third-party claims, as well as for the purposes of direct marketing of products, the marketing of third-party services and products, and for our own marketing which is not direct marketing.


  1. The data controller processes the following personal data that must be provided for the operation of the contact form:

    - attachments;

    - content of the enquiry;

    Data provided by the User optionally:


Personal data are processed in accordance with the provisions of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation), OJ L 119, 4.5.2016, p. 1-88, hereinafter referred to as the "GDPR".

  1. AThe data controller processes personal data only with the prior consent of the User.
  2. Giving consent to the processing of personal information is entirely voluntary.


  1. The User may at any time request that the data controller provide information on the scope of the processing of his or her personal data.
  2. The User may at any time request that his or her personal data be corrected or rectified.
  3. The User may withdraw his or her consent to the processing of his or her personal data at any time, without giving reasons. The request not to process personal data may relate to a specific purpose of processing indicated by the User, e.g. withdrawal of consent to receive commercial information, or relate to all purposes of data processing. The withdrawal of consent with respect to all purposes of the processing of data will result in the User's account being deleted from the website, together with all of his or her personal data previously processed by the data controller. The withdrawal of consent will not affect the actions already taken.
  4. Użytkownik może w każdej chwili żądać, bez podawania przyczyny, aby administrator usunął Jego dane. Żądanie usunięcia danych nie wpłynie na dotychczas dokonane czynności. Usunięcie danych oznacza jednoczesne usunięcie konta Użytkownika, wraz ze wszystkimi zapisanymi i przetwarzanymi do tej pory przez administratora danymi osobowymi.
  5. The User may request that the data controller erase the User's data, at any time, without stating the reason. The request to erase data will not affect the actions already taken. The erasure of data is tantamount to the deletion of the User's account, together with all personal data stored and processed by the data controller until this time.
  6. The user may object to the processing of personal data at any time, both with regard to all personal data of the User processed by the data controller and only to a limited extent, e.g., with regard to the processing of data for a specifically indicated purpose. The objection will not affect the actions already taken. Lodging an objection will result in the deletion of the User's account, together with all personal data stored and processed by the data controller until this time.
  7. The User may request that the processing of his or her personal data be restricted either for a specific period of time or without a time limit but within a specific scope that the data controller shall comply with. The above-mentioned request will not affect the actions already taken.
  8. The Administrator shall inform the User of the actions taken within one month of the receipt of one of the requests mentioned in the previous points.


  1. As a general rule, personal data are only kept for as long as it is necessary to fulfil the contractual or statutory obligations for which such data were collected. They shall be erased immediately when they are no longer needed for evidential purposes, in accordance with civil law or with respect to the statutory obligation to store data.
  2. Information regarding the contract shall be kept for evidential purposes, for a period of three years, starting from the end of the year in which the business relationship with the User is terminated. Data will be erased after the expiry of the statutory limitation period for the assertion of contractual claims.
  3. Moreover, the data controller may keep historical information related to the concluded transactions, as the storage of such information is related to, e.g., the User's warranty claims.
  4. If no contract has been concluded between the User and the Owner, the User's personal data are stored until the deletion of the User's account on the website. The account may be deleted based on the User's request or as a result of the withdrawal of consent to the processing of personal data or an objection to the processing of such data.


  1. The data controller may entrust the processing of personal data to entities cooperating with the data controller to the extent necessary for the completion of the transaction, e.g. for the purposes of preparing the goods ordered, making deliveries or providing commercial information from the data controller (the latter applies to the Users who have agreed to receive commercial information).
  2. Apart from the purposes indicated in the Privacy Policy, the Users' personal data will not be made available in any way to third parties or provided to other entities for the purposes of sending marketing materials of such third parties.
  3. The personal data of the Users of the website are not transferred outside the European Union.
  4. The Privacy Policy complies with the provisions arising from Art. 13 (1) and (2) of the GDPR.


  1. The website uses cookies or similar technology (hereinafter collectively referred to as "cookies") to collect information about the User's access to the website (e.g. via a computer or smartphone) and his or her preferences. They are used, among other things, for advertising and statistical purposes and to adapt the website to the User's individual needs.
  2. Cookies are pieces of information that contain a unique reference code that the website sends to the User's device in order to store and sometimes track information about the device being used. Usually, they do not enable the identification of the User. Their main task is to adjust the website to the User.
  3. NSome of the cookies on the website are only available during a particular web session and deleted when the browser is closed. Other cookies are used to remember and identify the User when he or she returns to the website. They are stored for a longer period of time.
  4. The cookies used on this website are as follows:

_ga - storage period: 2 years        
_gid - storage period: 1 day      
PHPSESSID - storage period: session duration        
csrf-cookie-name - storage period: 2 hours   
video-main-progress - storage period: 2 years    
video-main-paused - storage period: 2 years      
_gat_gtag_UA_123279724_1 - storage period: 1 minute

  1. All cookies on the website are set by the administrator.
  2. All cookies used by the website comply with the applicable European Union law.
  3. Most Users and some mobile browsers automatically accept cookies. If the User does not change the settings, cookies will be saved on the device.
  4. UThe User can change his or her preferences regarding the acceptance of cookies or change his or her browser so that he or she can receive an appropriate notification each time the cookie function is enabled. To change cookie acceptance settings, the User should adjust his or her browser settings. It is worth remembering that blocking or deleting cookies may prevent the full use of the website.
  5. Cookies will be used for the necessary session management, including:
  6. to create a special login session for the User of the website, so that the website remembers that the User is logged in and his or her requests are delivered in an efficient, secure and consistent manner;
  7. to recognise the User who has previously visited the website, which allows us to identify the number of unique users who have used the website and to ensure that the website has sufficient capacity for the number of new users;
  8. to check whether a website visitor is registered on the website;
  9. to record information from the User's device, including: cookies, IP address and information about the browser used, in order to be able to diagnose problems, administer and track the use of the website;
  10. to customise the elements of the layout or the content of the website;
  11. to collect statistical information about how the User uses the site, in order to be able to improve the site and to determine which areas of the website are most popular among the Users.