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Fundraiser for territorial defence volunteers

Just a while back, they were one of us, working in our neighborhood, talking and spending time. Today, they are fighting for the freedom of their homeland and the safety of their loved ones.
Such stories have been a daily occurrence recently among our co-workers, colleagues and friends in the professional community. Many men have put aside their peaceful daily lives to return to Ukraine and fight for the freedom of their homeland. This was done, among others, by our employees, with whom we are in constant contact.
 Zbiórka na rzecz ochotników obrony terytorialnej - creoconcept
Therefore, we want to help people who, forced by the situation, found themselves on the front line. Territorial defence volunteers are in dire need. They lack basic items so we decided to organise a collection especially for their needs.
Currently, the most needed items are:
- boots and military clothing
- bulletproof vests
- dressings (bandages, tourniquets)
- sleeping bags
- binoculars
- flashlights
- first aid kits
- thermal clothing
- sleeping mats
- outdoor stoves
- batteries
- tactical backpacks
- medications
- night-vision goggles
A group of our companies decided to donate a total of PLN 25,000 for the purchase of night vision equipment and other essentials for territorial defence volunteers. 
The collection has already begun, you can deliver all items in person or by shipment to our headquarters at ul. Karola Olszewskiego 19C in Kielce (entrance from the hall). Monday to Friday from 8.00 a.m. - 10.00 p.m., Saturdays from 8.00 a.m. -12.00 p.m.
Every donation counts!❗️
We also encourage you to support the official collection of the Polish Center for International Aid. The funds raised by the organisation will be used for humanitarian aid, evacuation of population and psychological support for children.