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Offices of the future


Office interiors are getting better and better every year. Better equipped, with lots of greenery, natural ecological materials, glass perfectly composed with aluminum, and various modern solutions. All these segments are the next steps towards the perfect office - an office created with the human being in mind. But is that enough? Architects, developers, office managers and companies like CreoConcept are facing this dilemma. What elements of the office guarantee not only a nice appearance but also functionality and comfort for employees, and what to do to make employees feel comfortable and at ease in the office space.


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New standards for offices

Although today's offices are steadily gaining attractiveness, researchers at the Leesman Index, the most comprehensive independent survey of work environments, prove that office spaces still inadequately meet employees' needs with regard to focus and privacy. According to the latest research, which also covers the office market in Poland, noise is one of the main factors determining dissatisfaction with the office. This problem mainly affects employees who stay and perform their professional duties in open-plan offices. Still, the most popular office space is an open-plan office, where everyone is most exposed to excessive stimuli from the environment. The year 2022 is to be the year of resolution of this problem. All thanks to the new ISO 22955 standard. It places requirements according to the dominant activity of employees in a given space.  Employers' growing awareness of acoustics in the office will probably translate into real employee satisfaction. It is worth remembering that the aforementioned satisfaction also means more efficient work.




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Privacy in modern form

It is not only the aspect of proper acoustics that is responsible for the comfort of employees. In addition to the fact that we want to hear less, we would also feel more comfortable when seeing less and when not being seen ourselves. If these aspects, among other things, are guaranteed, employees feel more comfortable in the office space and are more efficient in their work.

Glass partitions are a practical solution that fits perfectly into the latest architectural trends. Translucent glass guarantees a beautiful flow of light in the room and has great visual advantages, but it does not guarantee full privacy in the separated room. CreoConcept offers a solution that combines both aspects. Each of our systems can be improved with a particularly attractive technological solution, namely Optitec film.  This is an LCD film that uses a liquid crystal layer to change the optical properties. It contains liquid crystals, which have an irregular structure under normal conditions, thus giving the film a milky white colour. Simply activate it with an electrical impulse triggered by a remote control or a special application and the film becomes completely transparent or opaque. The opaque (in its unpowered, frosted state) switchable film also works as a high-quality projection screen due to its liquid crystal properties that provide high contrast. The rear projection provides the highest image quality, while the front projection can be enhanced with an additional reflective coating. Optitec film also provides thermal, solar and acoustic insulation, helping to keep rooms cool, comfortable and quiet.
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