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New horizons for offices


Created with people in mind, Signal Iduna's nature-inspired modern office, designed by BitCreative studios, abounds with multiple functional solutions, including CreoConcept modern partitions. Representatives of CreoConcept and founder of the BitCreative office Barnaba Grzelecki told us about offices, practical solutions and top-quality materials in office interiors.





The new year is full of interesting designs using glass partitions from CreoConcept. One of them is Signal Iduna's headquarters located in Warsaw's Wola Retro office building – a modern building with history in the background. The 1,500-square-meter space was designed by the Bit Creative studio, and the project included the use of Silence Loft glass partitions from CreoConcept in the interior. Signal Iduna's office is a light and pleasant design inspired primarily by nature. The floral motifs are softened with shades of navy blue and complemented with wooden slats. The interior also includes a biophilic element: a Forest moss wall greets guests at the reception desk. It goes great with the industrial ceiling and the glass used for the partitions. Moss adds lightness and softness to the interior, making the design more friendly.


One significant common point is noticeable between our company and the Bit Creative studio. We are committed to creating office spaces with the highest standards of functionality.  We follow the development of technology, creating high-quality spaces. The solutions offered by CreoConcept are primarily products with a number of certificates and tests that guarantee their high class," says Tomasz Rybka, President of the Management Board of CreoConcept.

Mullion glass partitions were used in the interior. This was a deliberate effort to spice up the delicate nature of the office. Glass walls in the loft system correspond with the industrial elements that appear in the office. The walls are a great way to break up neutral green or wooden elements. Despite the massiveness of the construction, they were used in the Signal Iduna's office for a reason. In addition, the space was also designed with a lot of striped elements, hence the horizontal division of the glass walls came out naturally and blended well with the surroundings. Glass adds lightness to the decor. It is an element that enables the separation of a space acoustically while maintaining natural light illumination. Through the use of glass, we can fully perceive a given space.


Barnaba Grzelecki, architect and founder of the Bit Creative studio, stresses that there are several aspects that a modern office should have.

- "It's a space where we meet and work as a team. A place where we integrate and draw energy from each other. As humans, we need to belong to a place and pursue our business goals. We should find all these elements in the workplace," he says.

An interior looks great when viewed from different perspectives in combination with elements seen in another room. This trick makes it possible to achieve the optical illusion of opening a space despite its functional closure. In addition, with the use of LCD film or curtains, we have a fully mobile separating element.


The interior of Signal Iduna's office uses glass walls that guarantee Rw 48 db sound insulation. High acoustic parameters provide comfort of working and staying in the office space.

Signal Iduna's office is characterised by naturalness, although it does not lack modern design solutions. The designer mentions the printing of a city skyline on wood, an element that corresponds well with the overall design. Common spaces constitute an essential element. In the said office, an interesting element is a functional kitchen located in the central part of the office, the location of which guarantees access from both sides.

CreoConcept offers a variety of office solutions that have one thing in common – comfort. The most important thing for us is to create offices that are conducive to work. Our activities are determined by multifunctional interiors.