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Office full of energy


Inspired by energy sources, perfectly aligned with the company's ideology and exceptionally modern – that is what the new Axpo office in The Warsaw Hub, designed by BitCreative and full of glass solutions from CreoConcept, is like.

Axpo is headquartered in The Warsaw HUB, a prestigious Warsaw building. The company offers solutions for the energy segment and is rapidly growing sales of green energy, gas and photovoltaics. Designed by the BitCreative studio, the office relates to Axpo's business in every detail, while all interior design elements refer to energy sources.



Modern office

The office space in question is a modern and high-tech interior. The main inspiration for its creation was renewable energy. That is why elements such as photovoltaic panels, wave-shaped lamps, decorative light bulbs and blue resin were used to decorate the office. The space is packed with unconventional details, which can be seen from various locations thanks to glass solutions from CreoConcept. Glass walls have a wide range of design applications – thanks to them, spaces are well lit and elements from other rooms are visible, providing an interesting design element.


CreoConcept solutions

Silence and UltraSilence acoustic glass walls were used in the Axpo office. They guarantee sound insulation of 52 dB. Walls separate the open office space from the conference rooms, making the office functional and tailored to the needs of employees. Conference rooms, smaller meeting and interview rooms, as well as offices were soundproofed. The minimalist design of the aluminum profiles in the case of the Axpo office is highlighted by the fact that the profiles are white. This solution fits perfectly with the concept of a transparent and light office. The white harmonises perfectly with the 25- and 30-millimeter structural profiles.




Offices in the spirit of ESG

Today's office market is prompting more and more activities in the corporate governance segment. ESG stands for Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance and is a description of the actions that companies take with regard to their environmental impact, caring for the society and the aforementioned corporate governance. When it comes to creating green offices, an important piece of the whole puzzle is the Environmental aspect, which deals with environmental measures but also includes the issue of creating green offices. In this case, the selection of companies involved in the creation of a given space is important. At CreoConcept, we make sure that our activities fit into the ESG segment. For another year, we are a member of the Polish Green Building Council (PLGBC) – the voice of the united leaders of the construction industry. Through our membership in this organisation, we are clearly defining our standards and constantly expanding our horizons.