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Integrated Management System

Integrated Management System Policy

CREOCONCEPT Spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością Sp. k designs, manufactures and installs aluminium and glass walls.

The company constantly strives to strengthen its position in the market by improving the quality of its products and services and to prevent negative environmental impacts by using and continuously improving the implemented Integrated Management System complying with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

To ensure the appropriate level of quality while caring for the environment, the products manufactured and services provided comply with the requirements of the applicable standards and regulations.

As part of the implemented Integrated Management System Policy, the Company aims to:

  • ensure continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the Integrated Management System,
  • cooperate with suppliers who not only provide high quality but also operate in harmony with the environment,
  • ensure timely delivery of orders,
  • prevent any cases of non-compliance,
  • reduce the amount of pollutants emitted and waste generated in the creative process,
  • use high-quality raw materials and ensure their rational use in the manufacturing process and during the provision of services,
  • use high-quality raw materials and ensure their rational use in the processes carried out,
  • use raw materials and environmentally friendly technologies,
  • systematically reduce harmful effects on the environment by improving technological processes,
  • prevent environmental accidents by making necessary investments in manufacturing equipment,
  • hire employees who have the right practical skills and knowledge and who continuously improve their qualifications.

The assumptions of the Policy are known and understood by all employees, who are aware of the shared responsibility for its effective implementation and application.

Employees are committed to improving the quality of the products and services offered and to caring for the environment by displaying pro-environmental behaviour.

The Management Board of CREOCONCEPT guarantees the resources that are necessary to maintain and improve the effectiveness of the Integrated Management System implemented in the company.

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